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Luoyang Sifon electronics: create high-end research and development of molybdenum target material base

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Recently, in Luoyang Sifon Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., workshop, technical personnel inspection batch export to the United States and other countries of high purity molybdenum target material. The company is in henan province high and new technology enterprise, tungsten molybdenum materials well-known domestic manufacturers, production of molybdenum target material is widely used in conductive glass, ion plating and other industries, products ninety percent export.
The company invested 150 million yuan in the high-tech zone to establish super high purity of the vacuum sputtering target materials production base has been completed building main body construction, after this year will be the nation's largest high molybdenum target material research and development base, every year to produce various molybdenum sputtering target material, 1000 tons of other tungsten molybdenum processing products 500 tons, annual output can reach 1.1 billion yuan.

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