After-Sales Service

Ⅰ Details of service  
1.According to customer requirements, carry out technical guidance on use and so on;
2.Make sure the after-sales opinions and feedback are offered without delay;
3.Take charge of follow-up of after-sales service and customer and submit maintenance-related opinions and suggestions on a regular basis;
4.Conduct telephone follow-up or return visit for customers;
5.Within a reasonable scope, carry out exchange or return of products as per the actual conditions of different types of product;
6.Handle consumers’ letters, visits and complaints via telephone and answer consumers’ questions; collect consumers’ opinions on product quality through various means, specify the condition and make improvement without delay;
Ⅱ Main points of service
Listen to customers patiently, find out customers’ true intention, guide the customer to offer countermeasure, build up corporate image through service and raise customer satisfaction;
Ⅲ Principle of service
Honesty, good faith, admit mistakes boldly, upgrade ourselves, and change customers.

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