Talent cultivation mechanism

Introduce post promotion standard; what post promotions have been offered to our employees; introduce training system, provide our employees with numerous chances of study and promotion; approx. 2000 Chinese characters
Sifon adheres to the cultivation principle of “focusing on internal training and supported by external introduction” and the cultivation policy of professional and comprehensive cultivation simultaneously;
Responsible person of all the departments shall finalize the targets of cultivation. After leader of Sifang has consented, the Comprehensive Department shall work out the cultivation planning, carry out overall arrangement of the cultivation plan and implement the talent cultivation plan. The Comprehensive Department, as a department for the organization and coordination of talent cultivation, is responsible for the preliminary selection of talents to be cultivated, for educating our personnel concerning corporate culture, corporate loyalty, and other aspects as well as for reporting and executing the adjustment of the personnel’s job level and remuneration.
Talent cultivation shall be carried out through job rotation, personnel deployment, and on-the-job training. The assessment shall be based on the department for which the personnel serves and the assessment period shall be one year. The assessment shall focus on the implementation of training plan and the performance evaluation.


Recruitment Process

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